Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Kidd - A Teeny Tiny Texas House

Just when you thought Tiny Texas Houses couldn't get any smaller, meet 'The Kidd' - Brad Kittel's smallest house to date. 'The Kidd' has a footprint of only 65 sq. ft.

It was the focus of a TTH workshop I attended last summer, and I'm really proud I got to work on it. 

Sweet slim profile on this teeny tiny house will remain at Tiny Texas Territories as guest accommodations.

His next prototype will be slightly slimmer and built to lay flat and slide into a cargo container for ease of shipping.

Large windows, antique door, and a covered deck on two sides. 

A cozy place to spend a weekend.

It's got a really large sleeping loft.

Great windows for light and breezes.

Awesome porches add to the available living area.

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