Thursday, June 27, 2013

'Little Red' - 8'x16' Cabin

Here's s another version of  an 8'x10' cabin that fit's Tiny Texas House' newest "Loopholer" design. I finally figured out how to get the arched roof on this one, not exactly right yet but close. The total height from floor to roof peak is 12' 4". I understand a cabin of this size can be loaded onto a 16' trailer (or even built on it) and transported yourself, without permits. This is only the first phase of a house to be constructed in three phases.
The second phase of construction will be adding a downstairs bedroom wing off one side, and the third phase a larger living area off the other side. What will at first be used as living area in this cabin now, will become a large kitchen and dining area after the next two phases are complete. I need to work on it more, and don't have the actual framing in this model, but I imagine it should be designed and framed up in such way that the windows will become interior doorways to the other sections when complete.

SketchUp Link:

I tried to stay as close as possible to Brad Kittlel's floor plan of his latest 'Loophooler' design.
Just enough room for a small kitchen, full bath, and 10'x8' living area.
The sleeping loft is apx. 8'x8'.
I made a 'Gypsy Wagon' type roof for the cabin, it gives lots of space in the loft above.
A tiny old fashioned kitchen fits well, but I think I'll forgo the stove, and use a crock-pot, induction plate, and toaster oven in my cabin.
A three piece bathroom fits in the corner. 
The arched roof gives the loft a height of just over 5 feet.
Cute platform for a bed, made with wood pallets.


  1. While this may say 8x10 all over it, it is very clearly on a quick glance much larger than that, and it is pretty clearly marked in many places that this house is actually 8x16....

    1. Oops! You are correct, it was always intended to be 12x16 ft. I've since edited it.