Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Skoolie - Bus Conversion

Collection of photos of my 1997 Thomas School Bus - 7.3 diesel - in progress.



Here's a video walk-thru of a Sketchup model I created.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Light Progress On The Conversion

'Light progress' only because it looks light, I've worked my but off. It's mostly been just an awful lots of prep work. I got most everything out except the cabinet and front seat braces. I still need someone to crawl under the bus and hold it while I wrench it loose from the top. I scrubbed down everything with soapy water and what little rust I found, I cleaned up with a grinder before I wiped it down again with acetone then I primed it with a white Rustoleum.

It really lightened it up, and at least for now, I just can't imagine covering any windows. I need to finish getting the rear heater out. I'm concerned about disconnecting the wiring, so have stopped to 'educate' myself better first. It's connected to the front control panel and I would like to re-purpose those wires to run something else.... so I'm reading up.

The floor is next, then wood wainscotting goes below the windows. The electrical runs above the windows behind an ugly cover. I'm looking for a more attractive way to hide it and along with a track to hide some ambiance lighting. I'm ready to go with a electrical outlet or a generator, but I want solar led lighting as well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sketchup Model Bus

LOVE sketchup! 
In my minds eye this is my bus, we'll see how it goes... 
I have a unique idea for a shower in the back but for now I've left it open.

Friday, May 16, 2014

My Tiny House - Bus

SEE AFTER PHOTOS HERE Simple Rustic School Bus Conversion

This is a fulfillment of a very old dream of mine, and still a tiny house of sorts. A few days ago I bought this 1997 school bus conversion on Craigslist. It has the legendary 7.3 diesel with low miles. The conversion has been started and most of what I consider the 'un-fun' part is done. Spontaneity isn't something I'm known for, I'm more a planner, but when I stumbled across this, I went for it, and can't wait to get started finishing it out.

I look forward to painting it and finishing out the interior to suit my style. I love the deck, but will have to get used to the tail swing on turns.  

I drove a bus for Sierra Stage Coaches 20 years ago, so I do have some experience behind the wheel of in a diesel bus, but I was really anxious about driving it for the first time. I had to get it from one side of Houston to the other, during rush hour traffic, which took two hours!

I'm glad the electrical work and all the wiring is already done. I'll change out the cabinet and get a smaller dorm refrigerator.