Monday, April 7, 2014

Antique Weekend in Texas - Spring 2014 Finds

Shopping Antique Weekend in Texas was a great success. Lots of treasures and materials future projects for me to work on. Tons of antiques, handmade crafts, and just good 'rusty junk' (my favorite) at great prices. It's a string of small towns hosting a huge flea-market style antique and crafts venue. See more photos in their Flickr Stream here. We found most of our goodies in Warrenton and Round Top. Different towns and Shows tend to specialize in different areas. Check the link above for much more information.

Marquee Letters 
Vintage Bottles
My Haul 
Great Deal on an old trunk!
The bed of the truck was full before we left
As was the backseat
Rooster Pot Holder only $10
Ice cream chair and several others $3-$10 each
Tractor Seats
Metal Letters and a stool I plan to recover
Wagon Wheel
Trunk Interior Compartments
It obviously has some damage
Good 'Bones"

This was taped inside the lid
I may have created a monster by bringing my husband junkin' with me! He was reluctant last weekend when we made our first trip but enjoyed it all and it was his idea to go back again this past weekend. He really got with the program and found lots of 'guy' junk and antiques to dig thru. The biggest plus? He always knew exactly where we were. This thing is huge and no easy feat to remember where, what was. With multiple 'shows' in each town (19 shows just in Round Top) and multiple vendors (up to 150) in each 'show.

He found the traps NOT to use but to hang in the barn/man-cave.
Old Trapper Sets

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