Thursday, February 13, 2014

12' x 24' Lofted Barn Cabin in SketchUp

Here's a look at Derksen's 12x24 Barn Lofted Cabin. Everything is to scale. It features a Gambrel roof design that allows more useable space in the lofts than a typical gable roof would. It's $6,140 comes standard with walls at 6 1/2', 2 lofts which sit at the top of the walls. This sketchup model has optional 8' walls ($500), and the rear loft lowered to 7' ($100) to make more headroom in the loft. So this cabin would cost $6,640. It comes standard with 1 door and 3 windows, but you can add more. This price is for the shell only. Those interested in how their rent-to-own deal works can find more in a previous post: 12x30 Deluxe Barn Lofted Cabin.

Sketchup is some awesome sauce! It's free and you don't have to build it all (or any of it) yourself because others, myself included, have already built and graciously share many "components" free for your use. I've used it see how how I might finish out the interior of a cabin like this.

Interior Finished and Furnished Video

12x24 Lofted Barn Cabin
Standard 4' porch and railing. Optional 8' wall height.
Double lofts. The rear (sleeping) loft has been lowered for more headroom, but is still too low to stand up in.
I played around with different floors, colors, lay-out, furniture, etc. I added rusty tin wainscotting to the walls, played with heating options and furniture, to visualize how the space will feel. I tried hard to work in a set of real stairs to the sleeping loft but so far nothing works well. Remember you don't have enough head room to safely enter the loft if the stairs or ladder is against the wall. An L staircase starting against the wall then turning and ending in the center front of the loft would work just great, but take up lots of precious space.

With a wood-burning stove.
Um yeah.... that's a 47" LG tv just like mine! I found it in the  3D Warehouse.
I tried to fit a rocket stove and thermal mass bench heater in a cabin this size. I've added a couple of photos below of basically how they work. I'm not sure it's right for a cabin this small, still I love the idea and toying around with it. 
More Rocket Thermal Mass Heaters

A rocket stove built properly will exhaust little more than CO2 and water vapor!
The SketchUp program even let's me arrange some of the beautiful paintings my father did before he died...
A Thermal Mass Seating Bench basically works like battery. It collects and stores heat within it's mass - rock, sand, concrete, etc, to be slowly released long after the fire goes out.
With the bench seat hidden you can see the stovepipe travels thru the thermal mass which collects and stores the heat, releasing it slowly back into the room for hours, with larger one's DAYS.
Kindling (it uses very little wood) is fed into the small wood-feed. Rocket stoves burn very hot, consuming all the wood, ash, soot and smoke is burned, making them very clean and efficient.

12x24 Lofted Barn Cabin SketchUp Model    


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