Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY Painted Plywood Floor

We decided to use a dry-brush technique to paint the plywood floor for the time being. I leveled it the best I could and sanded it but seriously didn't worry about it too much. The whole point is we want it to look 'chippy' and old like it has always there. We used the same flat Antique White we used inside and under the cabinets, because it was there. I thinned it down with a little water and used a wash cloth to dab the excess water from the paintbrush before I lightly dry-brushed onto the weathered plywood floor. The paint hit all the rough edges in the wood highlighting the grain and knot holes, but also all my patchwork and leveling compound. I worried over how it was going to come out but kept going. I figured if worse came to worse I could repaint the whole thing solid white. I was really surprised at how much I liked it once I stood back and looked at it as a whole. Then I distressed it even more with my little palm sander once the paint was dry. I think it looks perfect. 


  1. Looks great! We are thinking of trying this and just wondered how it is holding up? Thank you!

  2. Thank you! I'm still very happy with it. It's wabi-sabi, perfectly imperfect! There's a little wear near the door and below the kitchen sink but I expected that and it 'fits' with the look rustic look I wanted. I guess a wet dish towel or something got left on the floor near the sink but was an easy fix and you can't even tell now. I spent more time finding the paint I used than it took me to run a dry brush over it a couple of times, so I put some of the paint in a jar under the sink for futures touch-ups, but so far that's all I've done.
    If your worried about it you could put a sealer over the top or just use a satin kitchen paint that resist water instead of flat paint. I considered it but thought it would be too shiny for my taste. Good luck