Monday, November 11, 2013

12 x 28 Tiny Texas House

I believe this 12 x 28 floor plan has the perfect layout and floor plan for us. I bought the plans from Tiny Texas Houses, where they create lovely works of art in the form of tiny houses built almost entirely from salvaged wood and materials. I love the 3D sketchup model that came with the plans. It makes it possible to view the house inside and out with 3D tools, remove each layer; roof, lofts, siding, etc. Just as they do in their house deconstruction business - his sketchup plans were carefully created so each layer could be removed, really making it possible to see each step of how this house was constructed.

This little cabin only has about 336 taxable sq ft - NOT including two sleeping lofts and two porches which will add so much more living space. The sleeping lofts are intentionally designed with ceilings slightly lower than can be considered as taxable living area. 

Tiny Texas Houses builds with 99% salvage. Everything you need, kitchen, living area, bathroom, built-in bookcase. Did you notice the two lofts? There's a large one above the kitchen and bath with salvaged doors for added privacy, another over part of the living room is smaller and and has railing to let the natural light from the loft window inside.

Below it's decorated Cowboy Cabin style! Seeing a room with furniture in it makes it so much easier to visualize living in it. It's roomy enough for a sofa and two comfortable chairs. The owners of this home did a nice job decorating it western style. Notice the vintage wood heater, they come in all styles from vintage looking wood stoves to faux fireplaces, some run on electricity, and other propane or LP gas. 

It's awesome to see photos of the very same house unfurnished first, then decorated and 'lived-in' by two different sets of owners. Notice how the owners below placed their bed on the main level and let guests and the grandchildren enjoy the loft. I thinks it's a very versatile cabin for it's size.


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