Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Loopholer Camphouse Workshop at Tiny Texas Houses

I attended the 'Loopholer' Camp House workshop at Tiny Texas Houses in Luling Tx. Led by Brad Kittel, we were involved not just in the building but also in the creative process of designing around the elements we had on hand, which was salvaged sections of tongue and groove walls removed intact from a previous house deconstruction.

The camp cabin concept is as Brad said about 'perfunction' not perfection. It was just four of us ladies and Brad. We all had a turn working with the different tools and each process of building involved.

We had fun working together, sometimes laughing at each other's awkwardness with an unfamiliar tool or mistakes (I got a little crazy with the nail gun), but it was all in good fun.

I felt like friends by the end of the week, which more than made up for the seriously intense 100 degree heat of a Texas July.

We didn't get it finished but did get the sleeping loft in place, and learned alot.

Here's the windows we chose to go in it. He has other houses in differing stages of completion all over the place.

So here we are, the sun setting on us the last day of the workshop. We put the planking up on the last wall ourselves and got a window in. I think we all felt good about what we had accomplished with nothing more than salvage, sweat, a few basic tools, and Gatorade! I can hardly wait to see our little camp house's continued progress.

I had doubts about my ability when I arrived, but feel empowered now. If I can do this, anyone can.

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