Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free Camping Space For Houston Salvage Certification Seminar

I'm interested in gathering a team and working as a PSL outpost, creating our own 'tiny village' of salvage miner's and salvage 'artists/crafters/builders' right here in Dayton. I'm offering free camping space to participants of the TTH Houston Seminar this weekend and the next.

I live in a rural area about 40 minutes east of Memorial Park. It's a straight shot down Hwy 90 which merges with I-10 and the Memorial Park area. I have 2 1/2 acres and a barn outback with power, water, and plenty of room around it for campers, tents, trailers. There's an apt in the loft with a bathroom available (no hot water heater yet).

If you are interested in camping here, send me an email at c_sweat at with "Camping" in the subject line. I'll get back to you with our exact location and answer any questions.

Email me as well if you're interested in the possibility of living here, being part of a salvage team, living simply, building simple livable portable structures (like the loopholer camp cabin concept), and working on sustainable living projects, so we can talk more in depth about our plans.

To learn more about the Houston Salvage Mining Seminar follow this link from Tiny Texas Houses.

  Plenty of room.
Room for several campers or tents near the barn for power.

There's a small apt with a bathroom to use in the loft of the barn. 

There's space for tents behind the barn as well.
 Fire pit to keep the bugs down.
Another camper space we can get power and water to.


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  1. Chelle that is too nice! Your place looks fantastic. What a generous offer!